This violin was completed in late 2017 and is based on a Guarneri del gesu 1734 model.


This violin was completed at the very end of 2018 and is based generally on a Carlo Bergonzi model.  Bergonzi took over the Stradivarius workshop after the death of Antonio Stradivarius.


A violin built by Jerry Field in 2019 generally based upon a Guarneri del gesu 1734 model.



Nice old Saxon violin with that dark, worn varnish probably made in about 1870-90.









This old violin ca. 1812 labeled “Carlos Helmer Prague 1812″ has an amazingly beautiful sound that fills the room.  It was likely made in Prague, Bohemia (now Czech Republic) very early in the 19th century.  Its varnish is that deep dark plum color and features a one-piece back.




Fine modern Italian violin made by a student of Giuseppe Ornati.  Wonderful “silvery” focused tone that fills the room.  Two professionally completed repairs to the top.


Highest level student grade instrument.  Beautifully shaded & antiqued deep red red/brown oil varnish.  Very responsive to the bow producing a focused medium-dark sound that resonates in all positions up and down the fingerboard




Highest level student grade instrument.  Beautiful shaded & antiqued red oil varnish over a golden ground.  A silvery, resonate tone which is very rich and speaks beautifully in all positions up and down the fingerboard.









Highest level student grade instrument.  Nicely shaded and antiqued amber over a golden ground.  A strong, bold tone and very responsive to the bow.